How To Be A Grown Up – book review

I’m just a girl standing in front of a book, asking it to love her. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, today’s lucky suitor is the very suitable How to Be A Grown Up, by one of my favourite writers on the internet and a very snazzy dresser, Daisy Buchanan.



 Kiss, marry, or kill? 👰 Yes, a thousand times YES.
My type? I literally cannot think of a book that is more my type. Chatty, thoughtful, warm, and such a comfort.
“Easy” read? Yes  but it took my MONTHS to finish because I didn’t want it to end!
Love at first line? Yes, I have no chill.
Most attractive trait? It’s just the friendliest, most charming pile of pillows.
Character I’d swipe right on? Daisy, marry me.
Character I’d swipe left on? The full stop at the end 😉
Ideal reading date? Here is a book for the bath tub. A book for a crowded, anxiety inducing tube trip. A book for the lunch you take yourself out to on that really stressful day at work. A book for your pyjamas and a book for sneakily reading on your phone at an unfun party.

More on that:

Full disclosure: I’m going to gush about this book.

I’ve had a crush on Daisy’s work for a whiiile – I’ve got a longstanding habit of clicking everything she writes – whether she’s advertised as the author or not, that’s how to taste her writing is for me – I just know I’m going to like it. So WHY did I put off reading it for such a long time when it came out earlier this year? I don’t know, I was weirdly anxious and scared about how it would make ME feel as a writer, too.

But, because this book is what it is, all it did was make me feel so much better – even about my weird choice to put off reading it. I have said this to death, but this book is like getting a really big, warm hug, and it’s one I’m going to keep coming back to.

Full of chatty, thoughtful, and LOL essays on the lessons Daisy has learned in life so far, How to Be A Grown Up could also be titled: HEY IT’S NOT JUST YOU. With entries on her experiences with her mental health, body image, money management, sex, clothes, and just about all those other things you’re definitely Googling hoping you got it right or just flat out pretending don’t exist, How to Be A Grown Up is an ideal primer for late teens and early twenty somethings, a really fucking great shoulder to cry on for late twentysomethings, and a knowing look for readers who have been through it all already.

In addition to recounting her experiences, Daisy’s book includes anecdotes from friends and colleagues, and short, doable, very scan-print-and-hang-by-your-mirror-able tips for getting through those classic growing pains of your twenties. It was just a pure delight, and the kindest, most comforting book I’ve read in a long, long time.

Hardcopy | Ebook

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